About Joe & Mel

Specialties/ certifications:
Joe– medical massage, myofascial release, deep tissue, lymphatic facilitation, sports massage, prenatal, and cupping

Mel– Prenatal massage

Favorite bodywork modality to give:

Joe– I like a “chef’s salad” of all of the modalities!
Mel– Prenatal, Swedish/ relaxation

Favorite bodywork modality to receive:

Joe– Ashiatsu
Mel– Ashiatsu

Favorite animal & why:

Joe– Black bears are best…Bears, Beets, Battlestar Galactica!
Mel– Elephants! Where do I begin? They’re intelligent, loyal, emotional, big, beautiful, unique, gentle giants.

Favorite superpower:

Joe– Super intelligence with perfect recall!
Mel– My superpower would be the ability to manifest structures and move objects with my mind. I would use this superpower to go to Third World countries and help build bridges, schools, homes, animal sanctuaries, roads, and so much more!

#1 charity of choice:

Joe– Cardinal International 5k (raising money for women’s cancer research by running together all over the world)
Mel– Cardinal International 5k- A yearly national race to end women’s cancer