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Five Ways Massage Helps Children’s Health

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Five Ways Massage Helps Children's Healthy

Five Ways Massage Helps Children’s Health: Humans have an innate requirement for tactile stimulation. A baby’s sense of smell is one of its earliest. Human existence is defined and nourished by physical contact, from holding a newborn baby to soothing aging parents. Babies who don’t have enough social interaction may fall behind their peers.

Animal research shows that infants that are denied their mothers’ touch have lower rates of growth and immune system development, among other issues. Babies of any species are the same. To develop to their greatest capacity, they also require physical contact in the form of touch, strokes, and cuddles. Find out the five health benefits of regular child massage and why even kids need them by reading on!

Five Ways Massage Helps Children’s Health

Infant, toddler, and child massage all have many positive effects on health and development. muscular relaxation, reduced muscular tension, and greater mobility are all advantages that may be enjoyed by people of any age. However, there are many other advantages, especially for kids, that massage can provide.

1. It enhances Growth & Development

Newborn and baby health and development rely heavily on sensory and psychological stimulation. Children who get massage may benefit from the tactile stimuli that this modality offers. Preterm infants that receive massage have been shown to gain weight and develop more normally, with fewer health problems.  

2. Massage can Keep Your Kid Happy

Anxiety and tension can be alleviated and cortisol levels lowered by massage treatment for children. The stress hormone cortisol prepares your kid’s body for either fighting or fleeing. Your child’s disposition will brighten after a relaxing massage since this practice reduces the stress hormone cortisol.

Researchers in 2020 found that massage treatment lowered cortisol and other stress hormone levels in both children and adults. A 2004 research found that massage treatment boosted levels of the feel-good chemicals dopamine and serotonin. Dopamine levels in the blood are raised as a result of child massage. Dopamine is a chemical that causes feelings of pleasure and satisfaction in your child.

Happy and well-adjusted kids might be the result of regular massage treatments. Serotonin is the body’s natural antidepressant, and massage treatment has been shown to increase its production. Healthy and happy childhoods are associated with high serotonin levels. The benefits of massage treatment in alleviating stress and anxiety in children are well documented.  

3. Massage improves Academic results

Kids may have trouble focusing because of issues like anxiety or Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD). Massage treatment is helpful in controlling hyperactive behavior in children, in addition to its well-documented effects on relieving stress.

A research conducted in 2003 found that children with ADHD who participated in massage treatment reported higher levels of happiness and self-esteem. Their performance on a variety of tasks has greatly improved, according to their professors. The children’s parents also saw notable changes in their behavior.  

4. It enrich Sleep Quality

A child’s development might be stunted if they don’t get enough sleep. However, in today’s modern world, sleep deprivation affects the vast majority of children. Nearly 40% of American children have trouble sleeping or trouble staying asleep (insomnia), according to a 2015 study.

Children’s sleep quality can be enhanced with massage treatment by regulating sleep hormone levels. Your child may have a more restful night of sleep if you massage him or her before bed. Your child will have more energy and focus after a good night’s sleep, which is why it’s so important for him or her to get plenty of it. newborns who underwent massage treatment for six weeks slept substantially better than newborns who did not in a study conducted in 2016.  

5. It makes Immune System strong

Your child’s immune system acts as a defense mechanism, keeping harmful bacteria and viruses at bay. Having a strong immune system is another way to avoid being sick over and over again. However, constant stress, like that which today’s kids experience, can lower resistance.

Those with compromised immune systems are more susceptible to viral and bacterial infections like the flu and the common cold. As I indicated before, massage treatment helps kids feel better since it reduces stress and its negative consequences on their bodies. A massage intervention has been shown to improve NK immune cell functioning and germ-fighting power in a 2012 trial of 120 preterm newborns.

Two groups of infants were created. Sixty-two newborns were given no massage at all whereas 58 infants got massage treatment for five days straight. Regularly massaged babies had significantly better immune system function at the end of the research. Children with autoimmune disorders including type 2 diabetes, rheumatoid arthritis, dermatitis, etc. can benefit from massage therapy since it helps strengthen their immune systems. Therefore, massage can greatly enhance your child’s capacity to deal with these chronic illnesses.  


Your children’s physical and emotional well-being will greatly benefit from regular massage sessions. As a result, they are healthier, happier, and more successful in school, and they have better sleep and fewer illnesses. If you want the greatest massage services for your child, it’s preferable to have a trained expert do it.

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