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First-Time Float Pod Experiences: What to Expect

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First-Time Float Pod Experiences What to Expect

First-Time Float Pod Experiences: What to Expect: It appeared to be a tiny room, a spherical black pod with a variety of lights within. It was about the size of a regular dipping pool, and the water within looked very deep because of the low illumination.

The inconspicuous float pod is here. This sensory deprivation chamber contains water containing about one thousand pounds of Epsom salt. Grace Obana, manager of the Recovery Spa at the Upper Deck Sports Center, stated that the magnesium sulfate in the water causes the body to float once inside the tank.

There was a pause, then a pair of brows furrowed in uncertainty as the question “float?” was posed. It was an unusual and novel treatment option among those provided by health spas. The answer is “yes,” Grace affirmed.

There is a 60-90 minute time commitment for the therapy. You’ll enter a sensory deprivation room and float effortlessly. I thought it was a clever plan. One’s mind immediately jumps to pictures of astronauts in training. “Since water is dense, you’ll experience weightlessness,” they said.

The goal of float treatment is to induce a state of deep relaxation by isolating the body from all external stimuli. The Float Pod, or Sensorial Deprivation Chamber, eliminates external stimuli like sound, light, and movement so that you may focus on yourself.

Dissolving a large amount of Epsom salt in water (around 180 gallons’ worth) provides a controlled atmosphere in which a person may float effortlessly. Having healthy skin, hair, and nails is another benefit of salt consumption. When we float, our bodies experience zero gravity, which relieves all internal pressure and pain. By gently elongating the spine, this raised position also aids in improving posture.

Take precautions before Float Pod 

1. Wear Your Birthday Suit: 

Get dressed up for your birthday! Grace offered a quick rundown on how to float correctly as everyone was chilling out in the spa’s lounge. She argued that being naked was the best way to experience the full advantages of float treatment.

The warm water and pod make you feel like you’re in your mother’s womb, so you may feel comfortable getting in only in your birthday suit. To maintain the cleanliness of the pod, users were forced to take a shower before and after each float.  

2. Learning To Let Go

Grace was kind enough to lead this writer through her personal float experience, which is something that not many first-time floaters are taught. She warned that you could feel tightness and pain in the places that require unknotting the most for the first few minutes.

Let it play itself out and go away. Within the first five to ten minutes, tension built up in the neck and upper back. It was a sign that these regions, which are used to being restricted, were fighting the relaxation. Grace said, “Just focus on your breathing if you feel panic starting to set in.”

This is your body’s way of fighting against the process of letting go and relaxing. To get the most out of your float session, you should be mentally prepared to let go of your usual feeling of control and expectations.  

3. Time Flies

You can’t tell what time it is or where you are when you’re inside a Sensorial Deprivation Chamber. Just a few minutes in the pod will have you feeling so one with the water that you won’t be able to tell where your body ends and the water begins.

Time is the same way. Since there are no external cues to keep you rooted in the here and now, your mind is free to enter a profound meditative or theta state. Some floaters reach this zone unknowingly and are later gently roused to a state of complete sensory restoration.

“There are instances when you can’t tell if you fell asleep or were actually meditating. Your 60 or 90 minutes will be up before you realize it.  

4. The Best Nap Of Your Life

You’ll feel refreshed and ready to take on the week when you emerge from the pod. Reduced levels of cortisol effectively eliminate stress, tension, and anxiety. Prolonged theta state exposure is also associated with increased creativity.

It’s hard not to be in a high state of elation after a rejuvenating, pain-free, and sleep-inducing sauna session. Grace elaborates, “Each time you float, the experience is improved. To get the most out of float treatment, we recommend going once a week.

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