About Leah

Specialties/ certifications:
An obvious one for acupuncturists is pain, but I also really love working with mental health and helping folks develop a better relationship with themselves! I’m also NADA (National Acupuncture Detoxification Association) certified for my additional training in people who are working through addiction recovery.

Favorite bodywork modality to give:
Acupuncture! I also really like cupping.

Favorite bodywork modality to receive:
Massage. I love deep relaxation and letting them take care of all those angry spots in my back that I can’t reach.

Favorite animal & why:
Oh man. I’m totally one of those people who knows all the dogs in my neighborhood and none of their people. I love that dogs are always excited to see you, and always up for an adventure. Once someone told me that my spirit animal is an otter.

Favorite superpower:
It’s cliche, but flying. How cool! Go anywhere you want without those awful airplane seats.

#1 charity of choice:
I like the IRC (International Rescue Committee). They do all kinds of great things to help people in conflict ridden countries to find help and safety, and also provide education funds to young girls who otherwise wouldn’t get to go to school.