The Repose Wellness Institute for Movement and Study

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  • Classic Hatha – early morning M,W,F 60 or 90 minute option (first half hour meditation and pranayama)
  • Prenatal Yoga – A full-hour class focused on full-body health, relaxation techniques and more!
  • Healing Good Feeling Good – A Yoga and Intuitive Movement fusion class created specifically based on the students’ needs.
  • Yin for You – Hands-on/assisted restorative yoga based specifically on individual students needs that day.


  • Shiatsu-Thai for Couples – Learn how to stretch and move your own body in a way that feels great WHILE stretching and massaging your partner so that they feel great!
  • Three-Sisters Tutorial for Couples/Partners/Birth Teams – Informational and practical session on what is happening in the body and HOW different massage techniques, facilitated movements and solo movements can help your baby find a comfortable position and your body be as prepared for birth as possible!
  • Moon Salutations – Join us in celebration on each Full and New Moon for a very special and specific movement ritual and practice


  • 108 Sun Salutations – Join us in celebration on each Solstice and Equinox for a very special and specific movement ritual and practice.


Women Who Run With The Wolves Reading Group

  • Meets weekly for 1 hour, ongoing. More than just a book club! Read aloud together and discuss as we go along!

Cross-sections of Tarot

  • Astrology and Chinese Medicine – 6 sessions over 12 weeks – Every other FULL weekend – Friday 7pm- Sunday noon

The Artist’s Way

  • 12 week course meeting one evening per week for 2 hours. Unlock your inner creative in this group-directed study of Julia Cameron’s classic guide “The Artist’s Way”

Chakra Journey

  • 8 week course (meeting one evening per week for 2 hours) of study and movement reading Anatomy of the Spirit by Caroline Myss and The Eight Human Talents by Gurmukh
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